Accepting payments from every corner of the globe to scale a business can become hectic when it comes to adapting to local realities in some regions in the world. There are more than 155 Mobile Money wallets that people use to transact everyday in the 54 African countries. in Europe and North America, Credit & Debit Cards are still Kings; in Latin America and South Asia, Financial Institutions are revolutionizing Payments via Mobile Phones and Cash agent networks are spreading all over the world. So, building bespoke integrations with all these payment channels one by one all over the world to get paid and to disburse payments to employees, suppliers, merchants, developers etc. is an expensive undertaking.

WeCashUp connects businesses with almost all the Mobile Network Operators and financial institutions that process Cash, Mobile Money, Bank Mobile Wallets, Credit and Debit Cards to make global payments reliable, available on demand, and cost-efficient.


Dealing with platforms where multiple sellers provide their products and services to the same customers can become very stressful when it comes to collecting payments from these customers and disbursing them to each seller whose products or services have been purchased. This is the case with Freelancers platforms and Ecommerce marketplaces where individuals pay for a product or service sold by other individuals or sellers.

So, building multi-channel payment solutions for marketplaces that collect, hold and disburse payments is a complex undertaking that involves a deep understanding of each payment channel, close relationships with the technology providers and extensive integration work on all channels.

WeCashUp provides a seamless API that collects payments, manage reconciliation, process currency exchanges automatically, hold money in an escrow account and disburse payments to sellers automatically for marketplaces whether the seller wants to get paid in Cash, via Mobile Money, via Bank Transfer.

Financial Institutions

FinTech companies are disrupting the entire financial value chain and traditional financial organizations need to adapt to the fast changing financial world we live in. Mobile Network Operators are becoming Banks, Banks are becoming Mobile Network Operators and alternative financial channels such as Blockchain enabled payment systems are popping out there including cryptocurrencies.

So, Financial institutions in general use WeCashUp to offer more transaction possibilities to their clients. Banks uses WeCashUp to process cross-border payments in real time with end-to-end tracking and certainty. Banks can expand payments offerings into new markets that are otherwise too difficult or expensive to reach. Remittance companies use WeCashUp to enable their clients to push money to their peers in via any Mobile Money wallet in Africa and the world, push money transfers to Cash Agents, to other banks and become interoperable with all the payment channels that we support worldwide.

Mobile Operators

Launching a Mobile Financial Service can be very challenging for Mobile Network Operators especially in markets where the competition is very high. Attracting new customers and generating transactions can cost a huge budget in Marketing. It is even more challenging at scale when a MNO has multiple services to push to merchants (Airtime top up, SMS services, USSD Services and Mobile Money Merchant APIs) and a wide network of Agent Network to manage.

WeCashUp provides a gateway where Mobile Network operators push all their services (Airtime, SMS, USSD and Mobile Money APIs) and we make sure to connect them to the right merchants who need them worldwide for their daily activities. So, instead of struggling to find all the merchants yourself, let WeCashUp do that for you and focus on building your core Value Added Systems.


With the rise of FinTech companies that are disrupting the entire financial value chain, Mobile Network Operators now providing Mobile Financial Services, Banks providing Telecoms services and alternative financial channels such as Blockchain enabled payment systems popping out there including cryptocurrencies, it becomes harder and harder for regulators to keep control of all the value chain. It becomes harder and harder to prevent Financial Crimes such as Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

WeCashUp provides a simple and easy to use API that enables Telecom Regulators and Central Banks to keep control of money flows across currencies and across payment channels whether customers pay in Cash, Mobile Money, Credit & Debit Cards, Bank Mobile Wallets in their jurisdictions. WeCashUp has built an Artificial Intelligence that detect high level fraud at scale and that can help regulators keep full control of the financial risks within and between many regulatory territories.