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Accept Payments

Accept Payments is the easiest-to-use embeddable payment form. It works on all types of desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You can seamlessly integrate it in your website within 15 min by copy-pasting a small piece of code in your checkout page or by integrating one of our CMS plugins and your customers can pay instantly with Cash, Mobile Money, Mobile-Banking Wallets, Credit/Debit Cards and Cryptocurrencies without being redirected away to complete their transactions.

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Split Payments

Split Payments is a feature that enables customers to pay with multiple payment methods for the same transaction. For example, for a 100€ transaction, a customer can pay 10€ with a Credit Card, 15€ with an M-PESA Mobile Money wallet, 10€ with an Orange Money wallet, 20€ with Bitcoins and more, they can invite their friends and family members by SMS or email to pay the rest.

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Push Payments

Push Payments is a feature that enables Merchants, Banks or any Financial Institution to Push payments to any of the payout channels that WeCashUp supports. So, if you are thinking of innovating in the remittance space then don’t go any further, join our Pilot program and leverage on infrastructure through our Push API. With our Push API, you will be able to disburse bulk payments in minutes to all the available payment channels that we have available.

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Airtime top-up

WeCashUp has a wide coverage of mobile operators it’s connected to in Africa. You can automate top ups to any mobile operator via our API. Over 100 Mobile Operators available such as MTN , GLO, AIRTEL, VODACOM, VISAFONE, ECONET and many more.

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Marketplace Mode

To empower platform owners such as owners of e-commerce or marketplaces, WeCashUp offers Marketplace Mode. This enables them to collect payments via WeCashUp and settle with their merchants instantly without holding their funds. Marketplace mode is tailored to meet your needs as a marketplace owner.

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Escrow service

WeCashUp’s Escrow service holds payments between buyers and sellers and only releases them when fulfillment is confirmed. This fits the needs of most online marketplaces that also handle some aspects of the transactions. A good example of such is the freelance marketplace.