WeCashUp FAQ

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What is WeCashUp?

WeCashUp is a Universal Payment platform that enables merchants to accept and disburse funds directly through Cash, Mobile Money, Mobile Banking Wallet, Credit & Debit Cards via a single API interface.


Who is WeCashUp for?

Do you sell goods or services on a website? Or do you collect payments, donations and funds on your website? You can use the WeCashUp API to collect payments from your website. As a financial institution, you can use the WeCashUp API to allow your customers to transfer money from their mobile wallets to mobile money.


How do I integrate the WeCashUp API?

After you register on the WeCashUp Website here, then you will be guided through the merchant onboarding process where you will validate your business and integrate the API to your website.

The API Documentation can be found here.

If you have any issues kindly contact the support team.


What documentation do I require?

In order to validate you and your business, we request you Identification documents and Business certification documents.

If you have already registered on the WeCashup website here, log in to access the dashboard and upload your documents there.

If you have any issues kindly contact the support team.


How is WeCashUp different from others?

Unlike other platforms, in addition to other means of other online payment options; WeCashUp allows merchants to accept and disburse funds directly through a single API interface.


How old is WeCashUp?

WeCashUp has been existing for 3 years ; born in Marseille (France) and was extended one year later to Douala (Cameroon) and Nairobi (Kenya) . As of january 2019, WeCashUp is found in 36 African Countries and will soon be established across all 54 African Countries.


Who are the people behind WeCashUp?

INFINITY SPACE builds the next generation of payment systems to expand the financial loop around the world to boost online commerce and e-commerce across five continents. To come to this, we analyzed the realities of all the continents (Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Oceania) and we understood that things are very different from each other. People negotiate online but do not use the same payment and distribution methods. That's the reason why we decided to create WeCashUp.


Where is WeCashUp based?

The WeCashUp team is based in France. It is composed of young and experienced people from 4 continents, celebrated for their unprecedented number of highly qualified engineers. The WeCashUp team is based at several sites, notably in Douala, Nairobi, and Marseille, which is the general management.


How much will I be charged?

WeCashup is initially free for all merchants. To check the pricing model, please click here.


How do I get a mandatory SSL certificate for my website?

WeCashUp can only be integrated to secure websites. To get a SSL certificate:

  • Host with a dedicated IP address - With a dedicated IP, you ensure that the traffic going to that IP address is only going to your website and no one else’s.If you don’t have a website hosting plan with a dedicated IP you can ask your current web host to upgrade your account to have a dedicated IP address. There will probably be a charge for it.
  • Buy a certificate - You can affordable acquire an SSL certificate with our partner DIGICERT on their website, For a discount feel free request.
  • Activate the certificate - Follow the instructions to install and activate your SSL certificate.
  • Update your site to use HTTPS.

Alternatively, request your web host administrator to acquire a SSL Certificate for your website.


What is the degree of security of WeCashUp?

WeCashUp's technical infrastructure is PCI / DSS compliant and we use Blockchain technology to provide maximum security for our merchant’s transactions. We also use the Google Cloud Platform as a cloud infrastructure under the European Union's General Data Protection (GDPR) and high-level security (anti-piracy and anti-DDO) firewall policies such as CLOUDFLARE . We also require merchants to have an SSL certificate in their web infrastructure to ensure end-to-end encrypted communications between their platforms and ours. For those who do not have an SSL certificate, we help them acquire affordable SSL through our partnership with DIGICERT, an SSL certification company based in Boston, USA.


How to disconnect?

At the beginning you are connected Go to the Settings -> Logout menu


How to delete my WeCashUp account?

You can delete your account by connecting to your dashboard and clicking on "Update Account", then "Delete Account" on the buttom.


What makes the WeCashUp Community cool?

The WeCashUp Community is a passionate developer group around the WeCashUp product; which is an extremely powerful communication tool. Here are some key features that set them apart from others :

  • Organizing events around new features
  • The creation of CodeLabs
  • Recent topics
  • Workshops
  • Support
  • Sharing ideas
  • The between help


How are they different from other communities?

When you are part of the WeCashUp community; You can become a WeCashUp expert and enjoy many of the benefits WeCashUp offers its experts.