1. Create a WeCashUp account

Follow this link www.wecashup.com then fill in your email address click on [Register] and then on the OK button of the window that will be displayed as shown in the figures below.

image0 image1

You will receive an email from WeCashUp Developers with a link to finish the onboarding of your account.

2. Complete your account onboarding


Fill out the form, click "I confirm" that I have read and agree with the Terms of Usage and then click on [Next].


Select your country, your sector of activity fill in the name of your company, your website address (in https ; obligatory ) and click on [Next].

NB: your site must have an SSL certificate.


Fill in your Mobile Money phone number and click [Next].

NB: other payment methods are not available yet, just mobile money for the method.


3. Install WeCashUp application

You will receive SMS containing the download link of the application (in test mode for the moment).


Follow the download link you will have an interface like the following click on [BECOME TESTER].


Click on the link download it on Google Play then on Play Store click on Install.


After the installation is complete; return to your browser and tick:I confirm that I have installed the Android application WeCashUp;then click on [validate] and finally click [OK] in the window that will appear.

image9 image10

Your account was successfully created. Congratulations!

4. Switching Test mode to Live mode

What is in Test mode?

The test mode as its name suggests is used to make simulations with the WeCashUp universal payment platform, in fact it is the WeCashUp Sandbox.

What is in Live mode?

The live mode is simply, the use of the universal payment platform WeCashUp in production mode ie with real transactions.

Click on the [TEST] button (see figure below).


Then click [Continue]


You are now in LIVE mode.

NB: all transactions made in Test mode are only visible in Test mode, the same for Live mode.

5. Updating your account with ID documents, company incorporation certificate, bank details

Your company's identification and certification documents have been requested after you click on [Settings] your account to validate your business and your business; If you have not done it yet, here is the moment.

  • Identification [Passport, CNI, etc ...] (see 1 figure below)
  • Certificate of incorporation (see 2 figure below)
  • Bank details (see 3 figure below)

After saving your documents you will receive a message showing that everything went well (see figure below).