Become a Mobile
Money Agent

Become a Mobile
Money Agent

Manage your business and your teams securely from a single place

WeCashUp enables you to manage the entire Mobile Money distribution network from the telecom operator, the master agent, the super agent, the Mobile Money agent to the final consumer.

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Wholesalers (master agents, super agents)

Manage your distribution network (super-agents, agents, field sales people) and their distribution routes.

Small agents, call boxes, cabinards

Simplify your life with WeCashUp. The simple, flexible, robust and secure payment management tool.

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Mobile Money transactions


Immediate and secure transfers

Make transfers in seconds and securely.


Accessible withdrawals points

You can withdraw your funds at several locations in your locality.


Several operators available

WeCashUp works with several mobile phone operators.



A quick and intuitive handling of the platform.

How does it work?

You can open an account, make deposits, withdrawals or pay bills through one of the points of sale spread throughout the country.

To open your account, nothing could be simpler: present yourself with a valid proof of identity (and a copy) and a mobile number. You can open an account in a few minutes with one of our agents.

You can then top up your account immediately with cash and send money automatically.


The WeCashUp platform is available for Mobile Money distributors in 5 countries.

Make your life easier with our payment management tool.

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