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Universal Payment Platform

Accept and disburse payments in Cash, Mobile Money, Bank wallets, Cards and Crypto-currencies via a single API integration. It only takes 15 min, get started now !

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Payment infrastructure

Today’s Payment Infrastructure doesn’t meet the global e‑business needs

Today’s world relies on the customer’s ability to make payments with ease. Africa, Latin America and South Asia comprise more than a billion users who don’t use traditional banking services nor do they have credit cards.

Majority of merchants lack the time and resources necessary to bridge the technical gap between them and their customers, resulting them to setting up local subsidies in each other's target market and battling with API integrations from many different payment service providers.

Payment Networks

Meet WeCashUp

WeCashUp enables organizations to go global and manage cross-network, cross-border, cross-currency and interoperable payments seamlessly.

Payment networks in emerging markets (such as cash and Mobile Money) are now fully compatible with traditional payment networks (including credit cards and bank accounts) and cutting-edge crypto-currency networks (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc).

WeCashUp is a cutting-edge Payment Platform driven by a Financial Artificial Intelligence that leverages the security potential of the blockchain to create a global interoperability loop that facilitates and accelerates money flow between the emerging payment systems and the traditional banking system globally.

Using a single API, digital organizations just like yours get to integrate all the existing payment solutions in the world, on their websites or mobile apps, to accept and push payments. Then turning global visitors into repeat buyers.



High level security system
using Blockchain


Instant, on-demand settlement


Real-time traceability
& funds guarantee


Pay as you go low operational
and liquidity costs

An advanced Payment Service Technology

WeCashUp is PCI DSS compliant and built upon well-tested technologies. Its internal use of artificial intelligence and of the blockchain technology makes it adaptable and fast, while cloud computing makes it scalable and secure.

Trusted by

Online and offline merchants, Banks, Payment Providers and Digital asset exchanges process payments on the WeCashUp platform, creating new, competitive cross-network, cross-border payment services for their customers.

Our features

Accept Payments

As a merchant, get paid via our main payment channels. These are Cash, Mobile Money, Credit Cards and Cryptocurrencies.

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Split Payments

Giving customers the ability to split their payments between multiple payment methods and also the ability to invite their friends.

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Push Payments

Enabling Businesses and Financial Institutions to push money to any payment channel or wallet.

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Airtime top-up

Businesses use this feature to top-up any prepaid mobile phone wherever it is in the world.

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Marketplace Mode

Marketplaces use this feature to automatically pay their sellers when payments are received from buyers.

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Escrow service

Marketplaces can retain customer payments until receiving instructions or contractual obligations are fulfilled.

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